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When you come to any of Cape Verdes' stunning islands you see the influences of their heritage and culture. Portuguese, Brazilian and African styles are apparent everywhere. Nowhere better than in their foods.

Fish is a popular dish for the islands with the diverse range of fresh fish available. Much of which is caught by the local men and sold to either the restaurant/hotel trade or to customers waiting for the catch to be landed. If you are into fish you will be in heaven!

Lobster, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and octopus are also among the delicacies available when caught fresh.

One of the most traditional dishes you can find in any of the Cape Verde islands is a dish called capucha. It is basically made from beans, boiled maize, herbs, cassava and sweet potato but you can also get the 'rich mans' capucha which would include any meat such as chicken or beef. Although a simple sounding dish it does take quite a while to prepare, often done in large batches. If you are looking to sample this dish while on the islands you would be advised to look for signs in eatery windows or book ahead otherwise you may be disappointed if none has been prepared for that day!

The drink of Cape Verdeans is Grogue, made from the syrup of the sugar cane farmed on the islands.

Its potent aroma and bitter-sweet taste are not dis similar to cough medicines and certainly leave an after taste.

This drink was banned from production for years due to its potency and lack of refinement until 1900 when it was decided that instead it should be legalized and taxed at the same rate as brandy. Nothing is added to the syrup and it is just left to ferment for 5-10 days and that is it!

These days you can buy it anywhere from bars to supermarkets and is most commonly served as a beverage known as caprihinia. ( grogue, sugar and fresh limes which are then pulped and poured into a glass.) This drink is usually served with a straw. It is recommended that you use the straw to keep stirring the drink otherwise the sugar tends to settle.