The Island of Boa Vista

Boa vista is named by returning visitors the island of sand dunes-visit and you will see why. The island is the third largest of the Cape Verde islands, with 35 miles of fantastic sandy beaches which remain quiet and unspoilt. This island is ideal for the traveller wanting to get away from it all and unwind.

Boa vista has 240 square miles of coastline and a population of just 6000 people, most of which live in the capital Sal Rei or Rabil;the home of the international airport, built just a few years ago.

Boa vista is very similar to Sal for climate, having around 8cm of rain a year and a great deal of sunshine, the temperature reaching up to 34 degrees in the summertime. If your thing is water sports, look no further in the months of October to June-sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing are all on offer in this Sailor’s paradise.

boavista10As well as perfect sandy beaches and emerald green seas, Cape Verde is also a great breeding ground for Loggerhead turtles. This makes it similar to Sal in the fact it is crucial for conservation, in the past turtles being killed for meat for human survival. As the island has evolved turtles have became fiercely protected and technology and the income from tourism has helped people to move onto more practical food sources. The local coral reefs are also of great environmental importance with their unusually high volumes of colourful fish, to the delight of Divers who come to Boa Vista year after year to complete a variety of exciting dives.